We can cross any obstacle – maximum drilling length is 2500 meters

Zakład Remontowo-Budowlany Janicki performs various types of drilling, including HDD. These are: Interset drilling, large diameter drilling above DN1000, as well as long-distance drilling.

  • Diameter range: DN25–1400
  • Length: up to 2500 m

Additionally: we conduct drilling works with closed circulation of drilling fluid using solid phase separation systems, the so-called recycling.*

Directional service*

This service consists of tool positioning, determining the trajectory of holes both in vertical drilling and in horizontal directional drilling. It makes it possible, among other things, to check the linearity of mine workings and establish the trajectory of mine passages

* Service introduced thanks to co-financing from RPO SL 2007–2013

Mud services*

Professional and precise service and support for various types of drilling work.

* Service introduced thanks to co-financing from RPO SL 2007–2013

Solid phase separation*

This service consists of cleaning drilling fluid. This makes it possible to carry out all drilling works with even greater precision.

* Service introduced with the aid of co-financing from RPO SL 2007–2013

Jacking under the terrain obstacles

We perform the jacking using state-of-the art moles. Diameter range: DN25–500.


Performed withing the diameter range up to DN1200.

PE pipe welding

PE pipes with diameters up to DN1200 are welded using two methods: butt welding and electrofusion welding.

Cleaning of sewage systems

Hydrodynamic cleaning of sewage systems and water supply systems is carried out for systems built of various materials. These include PVC, PE, cast iron, ceramic and concrete pipes. This service is provided by us for pipelines with diameters up to DN1200.


We provide services for sewer and water supply connections, as well as various types of earthworks. We perform deep excavations, macro- and micro-levelling of terrain, as well as linear and cubature excavations.
Our service package also includes building demolitions using construction equipment equipped with a hydraulic hammer.
Construction equipment rental includes: backhoe loaders, mini-excavators, caterpillar excavators, wheel excavators.

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