ZRB Janicki will carry out another project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of the Operational Programme Innovative Economy 2007–2013. This time it is the task entitled “Implementation of large-size and long-distance two-way drilling technology Intersect with an innovative separation system”, which is financed from the Operational Programme Innovative Economy (Priority Axis: 4. Investments in innovative undertakings, Measure: 4.4 New investments with high innovative potential).

The main objective of the project is to implement the acquired technology for drilling using the Intersect method with solid phase separation system. For this purpose, it is planned to purchase the necessary equipment which, after being properly configured, will make it possible to achieve the value of indicators declared in the project. The company plans to implement solutions that have not been used before in Poland or even globally (in terms of solid phase separation system only), which will allow the company to provide large-size drilling services with greater efficiency and effectiveness.
As a result of the activities conducted, the company will offer a product innovation consisting in the introduction of a fundamentally improved service in the form of Intersect guided HDD drilling with solid phase separation system. This technology has been used worldwide for more than 3 years, however, the degree of its dissemination due to the high level of innovation and complexity does not exceed 15% (advanced technology).

According to the data obtained from a supplier of navigation solutions necessary to perform this type of drilling, so far in the world 54 drillings have been performed using the bidirectional method. At the same time, in Poland alone, more than 500 drills were executed using the commonly used one-way technology and none using the two-way method, which is confirmed by the attached opinion on innovation.

The planned project is a response to problems related to ageing underground infrastructure (water supply systems, gas pipelines, telecommunication, power industry), occurrence of more and more inaccessible areas – such as motorways, airports, landscape parks, private buildings, as well as the fact that urban areas in particular are more and more saturated with various types of installations, the safe avoidance of which often precludes even conducting works using the excavation technology.

The investment will be characterised by a high innovation potential, because based on the purchased technology and machinery the company will be able to provide, on an international scale, bi-directional, large-size and long-distance drilling services, which has been performed so far only by a dozen or so companies worldwide, while works of this type have never been performed in Poland. Thus, the company will join the elite group of entities capable of performing trenchless works exceeding a distance of 2500 meters and installation of pipes with diameters exceeding DN1000.

Project objectives

The specific objective of the project is to implement an innovative technology for large-size and large-diameter jacking. As a result, it will be a new investment consisting in the purchase of equipment for bidirectional drilling based on the existing technology.
The technology acquired as part of the project will be adapted to:

  • Directive 96/61/EC on pollution prevention, known as the IPPC Directive. The IPPC Directive is one of the most important legal acts of the European Union. The implemented project is characterised by rational and effective use of energy through the application of innovative solutions, which translates into lower consumption of electricity used in drilling processes. Activities in the project are focused on the use of technology minimizing pollution of the environment eliminating the need to restore the natural environment to an acceptable state, as the use of trenchless technology allows to perform works without interference in natural obstacles such as rivers, lakes, forest areas, Natura 2000 areas.
  • Directive 89/391/EEC by improving safety and health of workers through the introduction of advanced technology, computerisation, control systems, minimising the use of manpower, the possibility for disabled persons to operate equipment such as navigation systems.
  • Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC. Thanks to the purchased innovative technology, i.e. the solid phase separation system, the implemented project will contribute to reduction in water consumption as a result of the recovery (recycling) system by approximately 7.5 thousand litres per year during the project life cycle. As a result, it will have a positive impact on the environmental protection policy.

Effects of the investment

As a result of the planned investment, a research and development (R&D) unit will be established to improve methods and solutions in the scope of Intersect drilling technology and solid phase separation system. Such a solution will enable future implementation of product improvements aimed at increasing the efficiency and precision of the conducted works.

The project belongs in the area of technological specialisation of the Regional Innovation Strategy of the Silesia Voivodeship till 2020 in the scope of: machinery, automotive and aviation industry, direction “industrial automatics, automated production lines”. This is due to the specificity of investment outlays consisting in the purchase of modern production machines, introducing in the company a high degree of automation, material- and energy-efficiency and improvement of health and safety conditions. The investment will contribute to the implementation of product and process innovation in the enterprise.

The Applicant’s project concerns the implementation of an acquired and so far unused in Poland innovative technology and product innovation in the form of a service in the sector of steered drilling. This technology enables the drilling of boreholes in difficult geological conditions with a diameter of 3.5 m with a pipe diameter of more than 1000 mm. The described technological and product innovation ensures performing large-size drillings in a very precise manner, while maintaining balance and protecting the natural environment. Currently there is no company in Poland which has such a technological solution.

One of the objectives of the project is therefore to implement a new innovative technology Intersect HDD to perform large-diameter drilling in new markets with the possibility of using a previously not offered solution on the domestic, European, and international market. New technical solutions will result in meeting the needs of customers (industries: gas, shale, energy, water supply, telecommunications).

Achievement of the objectives set out above will be achieved through the experience of the company’s managers, employees and cooperating external companies in the design and implementation of new services. A task force will be established to coordinate the work specifically for the purposes of the project.

The capital expenditure required to achieve the project objective is the purchase of specialist machinery and equipment for HDD drilling using the Intersect method.

Project stages:

  1. Conducting the bidding procedure (placing an announcement in a publicly accessible place: website, company headquarters, directing requests for proposals, collecting offers, selecting the bidder) – a period of 2 months is assumed for the procedure of selecting the supplier of machinery and equipment.
  2. Purchase of machinery and equipment for implementation of new products and project execution – a period of 4 months is assumed for the purchase procedure, signing the contract, making advance payments, waiting for delivery. During the period waiting for the delivery of equipment the Task Force will perform a marketing action aimed at collecting orders for the execution of drilling services. The purpose of the action will be to enable the commencement of service provision just after the completion of the project.
  3. Start of the service provision process – it is assumed that a test of the equipment will be carried out to verify proper operation – period of 1 month. Start of the service provision procedure for HDD drilling with the Intersect method.
  4. Sale of new services – performance of new services on the basis of concluded contracts.

Project implementation period: from March 1, 2014 to September 30, 2015.

The investment will guarantee the implementation of an innovative solution on a global scale used for more than 3 years. The spread of technology does not exceed 15% on an international scale. Implementation of the project by the Applicant will contribute to the creation of new jobs and will ensure a positive impact on environmental protection and equal opportunities policy. The implementation of the project will ensure the implementation of product innovation by introducing to the market a substantially improved service on an international scale in the field of trenchless technologies.

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