Zakład Remontowo Budowlany Instalacje Wod.-Kan., C.O., Gaz. s.c. Janicki Piotr, Janicki Jacek is executing the project co-financed by European Funds

Implementation of an energy-efficient technology of drilling with ecological electric drive

The aim of the project is:
implementation of a comprehensive solution for energy-efficient directional drilling
with ecological electric drive technology which is a combination of process, product and non-technological innovation. Necessary to implement this technology is purchase of new fixed assets.

The effect of the implementation will be the launch of a new service on the market, the implementation of R&D results, the creation of a new job, an increase in international competitiveness, an increase in exports and, above all, a positive impact on environmental protection.

EU co-financing of the project: 2 520 000.00 PLN
Project value: 6 300 000,00 PLN


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